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I have read in Radcom and Practical Wireless about some of the digital monitoring stations for JT65 and WSPR.  Last night I came across a website – PSK Reporter.  It is a website which displays all the results from all the HF and VHF monitoring stations from across the world monitoring the Amateur Bands and modes.  I was quite amazed when I tried to use the site.  I have been using PSK31 digital mode for a while now on 40m and 20m. There is always lots of traffic, particularly from Europe.  With PSK Reporter, all you do is search for your own callsign after putting out a CQ call on the band and mode used. It then displays all the monitoring stations that have received your signals and tags a time since it was heard.

Tonight I put out a CQ call on 20m with only 10 watts with my longwire antenna and then looked on PSK Reporter to see which stations had received my signals.

psk reporter

Wow! my CQ call was heard in 7 different countries with my 10 watts!

This is a great tool for checking conditions on each band by just putting out a simple call and looking at the reports coming back.