Airfix Lancaster

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When I was young we had a model shop called ‘Doreen DuRose’ on Ainsworth Lane in Bolton. I passed the shop everyday on my way to primary School. I bought and built lots of Airfix models, particularly airplanes and then hung them from the ceiling in my bedroom.
During the cold, dark nights of Winter I have been building some Airfix airplane models, just like in the olden days! I spent time building and painting the finished models and then hanging them from my ceiling in my radio shack. Up to now I have a Spitfire, Hurricane, Mitsubishi Zero, Messerschmitt 109, American Mustang and now my latest and biggest model…the Lancaster Bomber.


The radio equipment in the Lancaster Bomber always fascinated me, the R1155 receiver and T1154 transmitter (sometimes known as the R1154) Before I got my licence and about 16 years old I was given a complete T1154 transmitter. For ages I kept it in my shack with the intention of getting it going again. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the Internet then,  I just could not find any information or circuits to make it work again. In the end I took it all apart and used the parts and meters in my own equipment, at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. Now I regret not keeping hold of this piece of history.