QSL Cards

I always enjoyed receiving a QSL card for a contact or report that I used to send out when I was a Short Wave Listener. The pleasure of reading a QSL card filled in by hand from countries all over the world for a young Radio Amateur was immense. When I was at school I collected QSL cards from the local amateurs when I went to visit them, having looked through the RSGB Callbook to find the addresses and callsigns of amateurs locally. I have always collected QSL cards and I store them like works of art in a box. I enjoy just looking at the colourful designs and greetings as well as remembering the contacts that I made.

Nowadays it is all electronic and I have not received any QSL cards for years, I still send out my own cards, written by hand.

So that these treasured QSL cards are not lost, I have made collages of some of my many cards…

QSL Cards_AutoCollage_40_Images

QSL 2_AutoCollage_36_Images

QSL 3_AutoCollage_37_Images

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