Got it wrong again!

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What is large, yellow, very shy and hates snow?
A Bolton Council Gritter of course!
Yesterday it snowed all day long, roads awful. Never mind, the Gritters will save the day and tomorrow the main roads will be clear in time for the rush hour. Guess what? Not a Gritter to be seen on this side of town at least. I have been on the road all day and never once did I see one these rare creatures in Bolton.

This is what they said about last year:

“Last year bosses came under fire when the town was hit by heavy snow in early December, causing morning rush hour chaos.
Council chiefs said that because the snow fell in the early hours of the morning, there was insufficient traffic to break up grit which had been spread earlier in the night. “

Well this time it fell during the day so what is the excuse this time?
Went to ASDA at Radcliffe tonight (Bury Council) guess what?
I passed two Gritters happily adding salt and grit to already cleared roads in Bury!
Get into the digital world Bolton and don’t tell me the snow was not expected!

White Christmas

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See how the snowflakes are falling.
Falling so gentle and white.
Coming from God in his beauty.
All through the day and the night.

One of my favourite songs when I was 5 years old!

I can’t believe the weather at the moment…SNOW AT CHRISTMAS!

All day day today (and yesterday) it snowed heavily and its still snowing. Its been wonderful for the first time ever to see Christmas films on the TV with snow falling outside as well.

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas!

Susie the Sheep

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Here is Susie the Sheep, AKA Melissa in the Christmas Nativity!

She can read words now, so tonight she rang up our home phone on Mums mobile searching the contact list for ‘home’. I am so amazed how technology does not present any barriers to kids. Melissa is a true Digital Native, I even have to ask her how to start up a DVD and which button to press on the remote control! I somehow feel scared and even embarassed that a five year old is so confident with technology when I struggle to understand it myself.

I guess the answer is that kids don’t need to understand it, they just embrace it!!

Well, tomorrow is the last day at school before Christmas and its SNOWING!!

I’m an RSGB Member!

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I’m now an official member of the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) again!

I first joined the RSGB in January 1969 as an associate member with my number A6412. I sent out loads of QSL cards with my number on as a Short Wave Listener. I waited patiently each month for the new copy of Radio Communication Magazine to arrive, I even got my photo in it one month.

It later changed it’s name to RadCom, a brilliant magazine most of which I still have in a big box in the loft. I became a full corporate member in 1977 (I’m not sure why because I got my Amateur Radio Licence in 1971 … maybe its because I had to be 21?)

I still have my original membership certificates!

Later in the 80’s I gave up my membership because it became expensive and RadCom was going downhill.
Never went back again until now, I really miss the RSGB and RadCom, I have lost touch and need to find out what is happening. I listen every night on my Yaesu FT-817 and am getting more and more curious. The bands have become much more active with the new licensing and I have listened to loads of interesting QSOs.
Got my first copy of RadCom and am very impressed! I even got my brand new RSGB pin badge … oh…memories!
Just one complaint…my original certificate was hand drawn on parchment paper, my new one was printed on cheap card printed on a computer. Not personal at all!
Come on RSGB, at least print it on parchment paper and sign it!!

Dear Santa…

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Dear Santa

Please can I have a Hornby Train Set so that I can play with electric trains again, because after watching James May’s programmes on television about Hornby Train Sets, Models and stuff I am about to enter my second childhood.

I would also like an Airfix Saturn V model which has been re-issued to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. When it first came out I did not have enough money to buy one as I was still at school.

Oh…by the way… can you please sent me a Digital Photo Frame with blue lights and 2GB memory card, the one that plays MP3 sound, MPEG videos, digital calendar, alarm clock amazing transitions and links to my TV so that we can all watch photos and videos on the TV.

Thank you Santa and don’t forget to give the Reindeers a carrot!

Analogue Native Book!

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Well, here it is!

My own autobiography that I predicted when I first started my blog.

I didn’t think it was possible to actually print out a whole blog, but I found a site that will do this and even make into a book. The book took a while to be delivered from New York, but the quality is SUPERB!

I now have my own professionally printed blog autobiography!

More from the Judy Wallet!

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This time we have my original membership cards from the Bolton and District Amateur Radio Society back in the 70’s. I went to the first meeting which was at a pub at Four Lane Ends. Evert meetin I travelled on the number 10 bus then the 82 bus to the meetings. I was still at school at the time. The club moved around a bit over the next few years. The Clarence Hotel on Bradshawgate, then the White Horse (I think!) at the corner of Moor Lane. After that we moved to that awful loft room at Bolton Recreation Club. It was then when I kind of gave up, but the club continued at the Horwich Leisure Centre. I was Secretary of the Club when we were at the Rec Club.

Now the Bolton Wireless Club has replaced the old club and is thriving, I must join this club myself. Chris (G4HYG) and Chris (G4ADM) are now members of the club.