Sporadic e on 4m

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A nice Sporadic e opening this evening on 50Mhz and 70Mhz. I used FT8 to monitor the conditions on both bands and was amazed at some of the stations coming in on 4m! Managed to work almost everything station I heard on 4m including:  DJ5MN, S51RM, DF4UE, DJ2QV, S520R, OK2BRD, HA1YA, 9A3TN. This is with 25w and an HB9CV antenna. I have to say that FT8 is great for monitoring conditions on a particular band as there is so much activity. Sometimes you miss the openings on 4m and 6m because of lack of activity.

Using a Spectrum Communications 4m Transverter, hence 28Mhz showing on WSJT-X.


R1155 Receiver

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For years now I have wanted to get hold of an old valve receiver to restore and modify. I have looked at the AR88, but it is far too big, the HRO, but this has plug in coils which is messy. A couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of R1155 receivers in good condition, but suspected that they would be expensive. I have always wanted an R1155, this receiver has a lot of history as they were used in Lancaster Bombers during the war together with the T1154 transmitter. I decided to have a look on eBay to price up one these receivers, I was a bit put off because of the prices again. After a few visits to eBay I came across an early version of the R1155 which was selling at a nice price. I bought it!

Now I have my very own R1155 which is in great condition and actually works!

I will spend some time renovating and modifying the receiver, there are lots of information available for this receiver.


Listening on Medium Wave… just like the old times!

Listening to 40m with the BFO switched on.

Network Radio

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While at the 2m Contest on Sunday with the Bolton Wireless Club one of the topics of conversion was Zello and Network Radio. I had heard of Zello before, but didn’t fully understand it’s potential for radio communication. Network Radio channels have only recently been created on Zello. At the moment there are three dedicated Amateur Radio Channels which enable Amateurs and enthusiasts to communicate over a wireless network or cell network. The channels are all moderated and operated with strict rules, just like the Amateur Radio Licence. We now have a dedicated Network Radio Channel for the Bolton Wireless Club. I am now trying it out with my mobile phone…

P.W. 2m Contest

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Had a lovely afternoon on Scout Rd on the side of Winter Hill with the Bolton Wireless Club operating G0BWC/P for the Practical Wireless 2m QRP Contest. Weather was hot and sunny a great day for a field day contest, just like the old days!

uBITX Transceiver Kit

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I read about the the uBITX tranceiver kit a while ago and thought that it looked good and would make a nice project for the future. I was put off because the main board has many SMD components and I thought at the time that they would need assembling and soldering to the board. Then a couple a weeks ago I came across the uBITX website with more information about the transceiver kit. I then realised that the kit board is actually assembled and tested, you just need to add on the extras to build it into an all band HF Tranceiver with an output of 10w. It also includes the Arduino digital controller and display. The specs on this device are impressive!

So, for my next project I am going to build one of these uBITX and try it out. The price is $103 and is shipped from India.  I decided to order one from http://www.hfsignals.com/index.php/ubitx/ and a matching case from https://amateurradiokits.in/store/

Expecting a wait of about 6-8 weeks, I was amazed when the uBITX turned up only 8 days after ordering!

I look forward to building the project!

ISS Slow Scan TV pictures

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Received some nice SSTV pictures from the International Space Station today. Very strong signals on 145.800Mhz!

Telequipment D1011 Oscilloscope

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Just bought myself an oscilloscope for my shack. After months of searching on e-bay and looking at prices of oscilloscopes, I finally decided on a scope that I used for many years when I was mending televisions and radios. I know the Telequipment D1011 like the back of my hand, I had one of these on my bench while working at TAM Techserve and Visionhire back in the 1980’s. In those days if I needed a scope for anything I was building I could borrow one from work. Now that I am building my own equipment again I have realised how useful it would be to have a scope again.  I built a small Chinese scope, which works fine, but is fiddly to use. At first I considered buying a digital scope like the Rigol, but really I can’t justify spending that much money for something that has more features than I would ever use. So I looked at some older second hand oscilloscopes, but again, some of these are more complex than I really need. Then last week I came across the Telequipment D1011, just what I need…cheap, reliable and easy to use, works up to 10Mhz and I know how to use it…so here it is!  I look forward to using it with my future projects.