Exploring 13cm

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Having tried to receive some stations during the 13cm UKAC Contests, it is now time to try transmitting. First of all I needed to register my interest in 13cm with OFCOM as the band is shared. Mark M0UFC has kindly loaned me the Bolton Wireless Club’s ‘Phoenix Transverter’ which gives an output of around 400mw. This along with a 16db gain Patch Antenna gives me the ability to work stations on 13cms.

My first contact was with Ross G6GVI on the other side of town, we successfully exchanged reports. My antenna is not in an ideal place, but was the best I could do without running a long length of Mini 8 to the garden. I now need to get a length of RG213 or similar for the next contest. In the contest I worked two stations G6GVI and Dave G4JLG/P who is on Winter Hill. Very pleased for my first attempt at this new band!

The Bolton Wireless Club ‘Phoenix Transceiver’.

Patch Antenna on a pole at side of house.

My first ever 13cm QSO

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