Telequipment D1011 Oscilloscope

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Just bought myself an oscilloscope for my shack. After months of searching on e-bay and looking at prices of oscilloscopes, I finally decided on a scope that I used for many years when I was mending televisions and radios. I know the Telequipment D1011 like the back of my hand, I had one of these on my bench while working at TAM Techserve and Visionhire back in the 1980’s. In those days if I needed a scope for anything I was building I could borrow one from work. Now that I am building my own equipment again I have realised how useful it would be to have a scope again.  I built a small Chinese scope, which works fine, but is fiddly to use. At first I considered buying a digital scope like the Rigol, but really I can’t justify spending that much money for something that has more features than I would ever use. So I looked at some older second hand oscilloscopes, but again, some of these are more complex than I really need. Then last week I came across the Telequipment D1011, just what I need…cheap, reliable and easy to use, works up to 10Mhz and I know how to use it…so here it is!  I look forward to using it with my future projects.

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